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Coeie Systems Engineering

We offer an interdisciplinary approach encompassing the entire systems, segment, subsystems, interfaces to manage and control.

We focus on defining customer needs and requirements, then proceeding with design synthesis and system validation while considering the complete problem.

Coeie Systems Engineering is a consultant subcontractor firm small women-owned. Coeie systems Engineering is located in Newcastle, WA. Its was established in 2008 to fullfill a void in Integrated Defense Systems. We are experience both large-small scale DoD projects. 

We are a subject matter expert (SME) on systems engineering and adapting Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) processes. For over 20 yrs we have worked with the best within the global industry to ensure each program achieves its full potential. As a former Hughes Aircraft, Rockwell International, McDonnell Douglas, and Boeing employee who has worked collaboratively in partnership with other leading companies to share her vision, knowledge and passion for systems engineering.

We have work as part of a team that refined and improved systems engineering to ensure Boeing's accreditation process. We accomplished Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) 1-3 compliance level. We have the ability to logically analyze information, identify, observe mistakes and draw conclusions to what's required.  

We identify solutions to reduce cost, risk and to meet baseline design schedule. Coeie Systems Engineering offers a low risk affordable approach to systems engineering. 

Such as:

  •   CMMI Compliance Level
  • · System Requirements Review (SRR)
  • · System Functional Review (SFR)
  • · Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
  • · Critical Design Review (CDR)
  • · System Verification Review (SVR)
  • · Critical Design Review (CDR)
  • · Systems, Segment and Subsystem Reviews
  • · Specifications Development
  • · System Engineering Management (SEMP)
  • · Verification, and Interface Plan
  • · Systems Engineering Process Requirements
  • · Systems Engineering Inputs/Output
  •   DoD Standards
  •   But not limited to......................

 In other words:

We are a pioneer in the field of systems engineering.  We clearly convey information of ideas through a variety of events to Project management, IPTs, suppliers and customers. 

    Team Player:

Northrop Grumman, Lockheed  Martin, Raytheon, Smiths Aerospace, BAE Systems, BAE Dynamics, General  Dynamics, SAIC, NASA, Rockwell Collins, Harris Corporation, CFM  International, and TRW,SAIC  (but not limited to....................

 Leadership Style: Innovated, flexible, tolerant, collaborative, people person, adaptable and ethical.  Work independently  and lead others to produce technical work responsive to customer needs.

Programs Supported
Systems Engineer

More to come....!

Unmanned Systems

In sea, land, air and space, Coeie Systems Engineering LLC, is a new leader in systems engineering that have worked on several Aerospace programs, such as, the unmanned systems as part of the Integrated Product Teams (IPT).

As a systems engineer finding effective ways to capture and validate requirements to a measurable appropriate standard.

Developed specification, plans for products and services to relate the configuration baseline.


Outpacing the rapidly evolving cyber threat spectrum demands constant innovation. We understand its complexity.

As a system subject matter expert (SME) supported several Aerospace companies tracking systems security as a systems engineer.


Supporting logistics solutions enabling affordability, effectiveness and global mission readiness, as a Engineer Manager.

From modernization and sustainment to supply chain management, training and simulation, applied systems engineering



This is the concept of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4IRS). Systems engineering have the ability to provides systems thinking to responders, intelligence how to protect documentation and tools to act with confidence to meet demanding requirements.

As a systems engineer subject matter expert (SME), supported programs across sites and co-partners.

Verified and validated the specs standards, US military and other international specs standards. Applying systems interface control.


The Block II satellites were the first full scale operational GPS satellites, designed to provide 14 days of operation without any contact from the control segment. The prime contractor was Rockwell International Space Station Propulsion  Module.

I was a systems engineer responsible for the subsystems requirements, verification and validation, designed functional and physical capabilities and the critical design reviews.