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Systems Engineering 

Engineer Consultants

NASA Program  GPSII  SE Avionics Requirements

             Example:  2 Months  Mandated Work Tasks



  • Satellite & SpaceCraft , Commercial Systems.
  • Propulsion Module & Avionics Systems Program.
  • International Space Station.
  • Navigation Systems GPS IIF.
  • X37 Future Combat Systems.
  • Teledesic Satellite Systems.
  • Ellipso Proposal Program.
  • Core Site Systems Engineering Team
  • AEW&C Program.
  • 40/45 Program.
  • Future Combat Systems (FCS).
  • Integrated Defense (Security) Program.
  • Manned & Unmanned Systems Program.
  • Netcentric Warfare Systems Program.
  • Multi– Mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA/P-8A).
  • Tactical Radio Systems (JTRS).
  • But not limited to...........................


  • Designer/Drafter.
  • Systems Requirements.
  • Systems Requirement Management.
  • Critical Design Reviews.
  • Space Orbiter Docking Systems.
  • Interfaces Orbiter Propulsion (OPTS).
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Compliance.
  • Accreditation Process (DIACAP).
  • Information Security Management (CISSP).
  • DOORS Requirement Traceability.
  • Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP).
  • Technical Documentation Plans.
  • Verification & Validation Plan.
  • Interface Documentations.
  • Systems Functional & Physical Block Diagrams.
  • Reliability / Maintainability.
  • Logistics – (Hardware) Military).
  • Consultant -Systems Engineering
  • But not limited to............................. 


  • BS-Mechanical Engineer.
  • Masters - Management Information Systems.
  • Systems Engineering Certifications.
  • Capability Maturity Modeling Integration (CMMI)
  • Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).
  • Information Systems Security engineering professional (ISSEP).
  • Military- Process DITCAP.
  • Reliability/Maintainability. 
  •  Fault Analyses.
  • Familiarity Exports Controls, International Traffic Arms Regulations (ITAR).
  • ISO Standards and Mil-Standards.
  • Supplier Management University (SMU).
  • Project Management (PMI) University).
  • But not limited to................

          Clearance Level:  Secret, Top Secret & SSBI (none-active).

FAA Lifecycle Management Process

The FAA show the relationship between System Engineering (SE) milestones,

lifecycle management decisions and Acquisition Management System (AMS).

The inputs and outputs for each SE element are related to each (AMS) through the SE milestones. It also shown the elements and products that are associated with AMS decision points.